Great Plains Rat Snake


Great Plains Rat Snake

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Great Plains Rat Snake

Baby Great Plains Ratsnake


These Captive Bred Babies Are

About 10 – 15 Inches In Length.


We Have Baby Great Plains Ratsnakes For Sale. Here Are Some Highlights:

Pantherophis Emoryi

Captive Bred Babies

Males & Females

Roughly 10 – 15 Inches In Length From Head To Tail

These Snakes Are A Diurnal Predator Feeding Weekly On Pinky Mice

Originating From Central North America It Ranges From Southwestern Illinois, Colorado, New Mexico Through Texas

Females Are Able To Lay Up To 5-18 Eggs At A Time

These Snakes Will Thrive Best With Warm Dryer Temperatures And Lots Of Places To Hide From The Sun Under

With Proper Care These Snakes Can Live 10 – 15 Years In Captivity

Adults Are Growing To Sizes Around 3-5 Feet In  Length From Head To Tail


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