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Otter For Sale

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Otter For Sale

Male Asian Small Clawed Otters

We Have Adorable Baby Otters Current On Shots And All Papers. They Are Potty Trained And Can Do Well With Other Animals. They Don’t Like To Be Kept For Long In A Cage. They Always Like To Play Around.

Asian Small-Clawed Otters Are The Most Common Species Of Otter Kept In Captivity. Because It Is Small And Easier To Manage Than Other Otter Breeds. Otters Are Cute And More Tolerant Of Non-Ideal Conditions Than Other Otter Species. Asian Small-Clawed Otters Are Found In Southern India, Southern China, Southeast Asia, Indonesia, And The Philippines. These Otters Live In Small Streams, Rivers, Marshes, Rice Paddies, Seacoast, And Mangroves. They Share Their Habitat With Three Other Species Of The Otter: Eurasian, Smooth-Coated, And Hairy-Nosed.

Habitat: Rivers, Creeks, Wetlands, Mangroves, And Rice Fields

Height: 70-96cm Including The Tail

Weight       : 1-5kg

Lifespan     : Wild: 8-10 Years; Captivity 20 Years

Reproduction, Development, And Health Of Asian Small Clawed Otters.

The Female’s Estrous Cycle Is 28 Days, With A Three-Day Period Of Estrus. After A Gestation Period Of 68 To 72 Days, Females Give Birth To A Litter Of One To Six Pups. Typically, Two Litters Of Pups Are Born Each Year, 8 Or 9 Months Apart. All Members Of The Family Group Help Feed And Care For The Young.

Small-Clawed Otters Start Exhibiting Breeding Behavior Around Six Months Old. Although They Generally Are Not Sexually Mature Until One And A Half Years. The Most Successful Breeding Occurs Between 1.5 And 3 Years Old. Once They Are Mature, They Can Breed Year-Round.