Razorback Musk Turtle


Razorback Musk Turtle

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Razorback Musk Turtle

Baby Razorback Musk Turtle

These Captive Bred Babies Are About

1 To 1.5 Inches In Shell Length.


We Have Baby Razorback Musk Turtles For Sale. Here Are Some Highlights:

Sternotherus Carinatus

Captive Bred

Approximately 1 To 1.5 Inches In Shell Length

These Are Entirely Aquatic So They Stay Close To The Bottom Of The Rivers And Water Beds

This Is A Smaller Species Perfect For Your Indoor Aquariums

Voracious Eaters Feeding On Turtle Diet, Greens, Bloodworms

Originating From Northern America Ranging From Oklahoma, Arkansas Mississippi, Texas, Florida, And Louisiana

Growing Up To 5 – 6 Inches As Adults One Of The Largest In The Musk Family

With Proper Care These Little Turtles Can Live 30 – 50+ Years In Captivity

Living In Swamps And Slow Moving Rivers These Turtles Are Highly Aquatic Living The Majority Of Their Lives Submerged

These Animals Like To Spend Their Time Walking Along The Bottom Of Their Tank Instead Of Swimming